COVID-19 Updates

COVID Fall 2020 Updates
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Physical Distancing

Individuals using the Wellbeing Center and participating in Campus Rec programs will be required to maintain a minimum distance from all other individuals. Under normal conditions, the distance will be a minimum of 6 feet. When individual(s) are engaged in any physical activity that elevates their breathing, they are to maintain a minimum distance of 10’ outdoors and 12’ indoors.

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Handwashing & Hand Sanitizer

Individuals will be encouraged to wash their hands or use disinfectant hand sanitizer. When they are engaged in activities where they will touch common surfaces (i.e., climbing wall) or using common equipment (i.e., weights), individuals will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately prior to use.

Face Coverings/Masks

Individuals using the Wellbeing Center and participating in Campus Rec programs will be required to wear a face covering or mask at all times that covers their nose and mouth. The only exception will be while swimming in the Wellbeing Center pool.


Rear Reynolds Gym

Outdoor Activities

Most physical activities which elevate the participant’s breathing (i.e., fitness classes) will be held outdoors. This will also permit a larger number of participants given NC state limitations of the number of individuals who can gather indoors.

Density Reduction

The number of individuals inside Wellbeing Center spaces including the living room, weight rooms, pool, and other areas will be limited at all times to permit sufficient physical social distancing. Reservations will be required to utilize most spaces and participate in most programs. Equipment and furniture will be removed from areas to de-densify spaces. And, remaining equipment and furniture will be reconfigured, when needed. Some facility areas and programs will have floor/ground markings indicating where each individual is to remain during the time they are participating in a program or using a certain space in the Wellbeing Center.

Living Room

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    Wellbeing Center Operations

  • Reservations

    Reservations will be required for individuals intending to utilize weight rooms, the pool, and climbing wall and to participate in live as well as remote stream group fitness classes.

    Reservations for facility spaces will be for 45 minutes blocks with 15 minutes between reservation blocks to allow for sufficient time for the individuals’ whose reservation time block is ending to leave, reset the space as needed, and check-in individuals for the next reservation time block.

  • Welcome Desk

    A plexiglass barrier will be installed on the front of the Welcome Desk counter between employees and entering patrons. Floor markers will indicate proper 6’ physical distancing.

    An update to the lost and found protocol includes immediate disposal of water bottles, beverage and food containers.

    Convenience items will not be sold. This includes beverages and dry goods. All other transactions will be contactless and cashless through

    NO ID = No Entry! Look-ups will not be allowed for individuals who present at check in without a WFU ID card. Access will be denied without ID.

  • Non-Student & Non-Employee Users

    No one will be permitted access to the Wellbeing Center except WFU students, faculty & staff. Guest access is not allowed.

    WFU community purchased memberships to include student, faculty, and staff partner/spouse/dependent memberships will be paused until further notice, and new memberships will not be offered per the WFU campus guest policy.

    Guest passes, to include Graylyn guests, will not be sold.

    Monthly WFU retiree gatherings are paused.

    Saturday Deacon Family Hours are paused.

  • Point of Sale Items

    In-person payments for memberships, programs and services of the Wellbeing Center are discontinued at this time. All transactions will occur through our online member portal at

  • Bathrooms, Locker Rooms, & Water Fountains

    Locker rooms will be closed/locked and not available for use.

    Single sex and gender-neutral restrooms will be available for use at the pool on the first floor.

  • Living Room & Other Study Lounges

    Furniture will be moved to promote proper 6’ physical distancing.

  • Seminar & Conference Rooms

    Seating will be reduced and rearranged to promote proper 6’ physical distancing.

    Dry erase board markers, erasers, and other items will be available for check-out at the Welcome Desk and disinfected after each use.

  • Cardio Equipment

    All cardio equipment will be removed as the air turbulence created by cardio equipment creates an unsafe situation.

  • Weight Equipment

    Indoor weight rooms will reopen when North Carolina moves to Phase III.

    Stationary weight equipment will be moved so that each user is at least 6’ from others at their back and sides and at least 10’ from their front.

    When possible, equipment will be positioned so that the user is facing a wall.

    Non-stationary weight equipment (i.e., dumbbells, free weights) areas will have markings on the floor to designate zones that will be at least 10’ square.

    One person may use each designated zone.

    There will be no paired workouts or spotting.

    Weight equipment areas will have a single point of entry/exit with posted policies, hand sanitizer dispenser, and a maximum occupancy/capacity posted.

    Individuals will need to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to using weight equipment.

    Disinfectant spray bottles and microfiber clothes will be replaced by single-use disinfectant wipes.

    Individuals will be expected to clean the equipment they used following use.

    An electrostatic sprayer will be used to disinfect the equipment at least twice a day – once just prior to closing and again early afternoon (following employee morning and lunch time workouts, but before when start of heavy student use in mid-afternoon into the evening).

    Pro-Techs​ anti-microbial coating will be sprayed on equipment twice a semester.

    There will be at least one fitness equipment attendant in each weight room areas to:

    • Check users in and out at the beginning and end of each reservation time block
    • Ensure room capacity is not being exceeded and that users are complying with policies and cleaning equipment following use
    • Clean and reset weight equipment as needed between reservation blocks
  • Weight Rom Locations

    Sutton Center weight room (lower level) – weight racks and zones for free weights and dumbbells.

    Reynolds Gym weight room (lower level) – weight racks and zones for free weights and dumbbells.

    Strength equipment area (Reynolds mezzanine) – cable-assisted and plate-loaded strength equipment.

    Cardio area (2nd floor Reynolds) – cardio machines condensed at the back half of the room with pipe-and-drape in front to cover. Open area to either be utilized as additional study lounges.

    Functional training area (3rd floor Reynolds) – existing weight racks, dumbbells, and strength training equipment.

  • Gyms, Fitness Studios, & Multipurpose Rooms

    What has been standard drop-in recreational use of gyms (i.e., basketball, soccer) will be paused. To the extent possible, gyms will be outfitted with equipment for safe recreation opportunities (i.e., badminton, pickleball, table tennis).

    Gyms will also continue to be reservable as event spaces. Events must comply with the university protocols developed for special events.

  • Pool Information

    Pool locker rooms will be closed. The two (2) gender-neutral bathrooms will be available for access to restroom facilities.

    The hallway lockers will be available as day-use lockers for individuals to be able to secure their personal belongings.

    A hose will be available on the pool deck for swimmers to rinse off before entering the pool.

    A receptacle (i.e., small laundry basket) will be made available to each swimmer to place at the end of their lane to hold their personal belongings. Receptacle will be disinfected after each use before being reissued.

    Kick boards or other equipment will be available for check-out. They will be disinfected by submerging in the chlorinated pool following each use before being reissued.

    Lifeguards will be trained on proper rescue and lifesaving methods related to the current virus environment.

    Swimmers will be required to pre-register for a pool lane to ensure safe class capacities are not exceeded.

    Swimmers will be limited to only one swimmer per lane.

    Swimmers will enter and exit the water from opposite ends of the pool — swimmers in even numbered lanes from the shallow end of the pool and swimmers in odd numbered lanes from the deep end.

  • Climbing Wall

    Climbing wall will reopen when North Carolina moves to Phase III.

    Climbing Wall will be staffed by a trained Outdoor Pursuits student or professional staff member whenever open to check-out climbing shoes and ensure users are complying with safety protocols.

    A plexiglass barrier will be installed on the customer service counter between employees and patrons.

    Climbing shoes will be disinfected with Lysol spray before being reissued.

    All users must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately before stepping on the climbing wall mat.

    A hand sanitizer dispenser will be available at the climbing wall.

    Climbers will also be required to utilize provided alcohol-based chalk. The alcohol content is not sufficient to kill viruses. However, it does reduce chalk particles released into the air that viruses attach to.

    A maximum of 4 individuals may be on the climbing wall at a time. Two additional people may be on the foam pad area.

    Hand holds will be removed and disinfected on a rotating monthly basis. Further, all hand holds will be treated with Pro-Techs anti-microbial coating before the start of fall and spring semesters.


  • Group Fitness Classes- In Person

    Group Fitness classes will be offered in-person at four outdoor locations (Poteat, Water Tower, Hearn, Parking Lot L).

    Fitness class offerings will adhere to wearing face coverings and proper social distancing (minimum of 10’ outside and 12’ inside).

    Marks on the floor or ground will designate proper distancing.

    Participants will be required to pre-register for both live and remote stream classes.


  • Group Fitness Classes- Remote Stream

    Remote Group Fitness classes will be streamed for anyone interested in joining via Zoom.

    All class offerings are listed on the group fitness schedule as the name of the class followed by the words Remote Stream. (IE- Cardio Dance- Remote Stream) The schedule can be found at

    Registration is required to join a remote stream class.

    A reservation verifies WFU ID and personal email.

    Upon completed,  verification will be sent to your WFU email  sharing class details and the Zoom link.


  • Group Fitness Virtual Programs

    Group fitness virtual programs will reopen when North Carolina moves to Phase III.

    Virtual class offerings will be held in studios and streamed on a projector.  They will be offered in Reynolds Gym Studio 201.

    A fitness staff member will be present at classes to ensure safety protocols.

    All pre-programmed/scheduled offerings will be low aerobic activity (i.e., yoga, pilates, tai chi).

  • Cycle Fitness Classes

    Classes will occur in parking lot L behind the Sutton Center.

    Cycles will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.

    Cycles will be cleaned after initial daily set-up.

    Class participants will clean their bike following each class.

  • Training Services: Personal Training & Small Group Training

    Trainers and clients will adhere to wearing face coverings and proper social distancing.

    Trainers will remain at least 10’ from clients while training.

    Ground markers will define proper distancing.

    Training will primarily occur in the same outdoor locations as group fitness classes.

    Trainers will lead by verbal cues.

    Trainers will demonstrate movements, if needed, to ensure the client performs the exercise properly and safely.

    Equipment will not be shared. Each client will be assigned  equipment to use during their session.  Clients will be responsible for cleaning equipment following training.

    Trainers will enforce pre and post training cleaning protocols.

    Clients have the option to personal training remotely (i.e.,  dorm room, apartment, working from home).

  • Outdoor Pursuits & Wake Adventure Club Trips

    Because of travel restrictions, outdoor recreation trips will be limited to being campus-based — either held on campus or where students can reasonably hike or bike to or from campus. No vehicles.

  • Outdoor Pursuits Gear Rental

    Upon being returned, outdoor rental gear will be placed in storage bins and isolated in a store room for no less than 80 hours before being removed, cleaned, and available for reissue.

  • Bike Share

    Bikes will be wiped down prior to being distributed, returned, and before any subsequent repairs/maintenance.

    Distribution will occur over a period of 5 days by scheduled appointment times to decrease the number of persons in close proximity to one another.

  • Aquatics

    Lifeguard certification courses will be held in compliance with local, state, and governing bodies regulations.

    SCUBA certification classes provided by contracted third party will be offer one session for the Fall semester.

    Masters swim program will continue to be paused as most participants are from the local community and not WFU students and employees.

    Group and private swim lessons will continue to be paused as safe social distancing can not be assured.

    The WFU club swim team will be permitted to have two swimmers per lane adhering to USA Swimming recommendations. In every other lane, the swimmer stops 6’ from the wall (see diagram here). This is the least de-densified recommendation presented by USA Swimming​.

  • Intramural & Club Sports

    Visit Campus Recreation’s Intramural Sports Page for a list of fall sport offerings.

    Because of travel restrictions, competitive sport teams and recreational clubs will be limited to being campus-based — either held on campus or where students can reasonably hike or bike to from campus. No vehicles.

    Intramural and club ​s​ports have been rated (low, medium, high) on ability to adhere to proper social distancing and health expectations.

    Intramural supervisors will be used to monitor club sport practices to ensure compliance of social distancing and other safety protocol.

    Will continue to monitor each sport’s governing body, association, or league for updated safety protocol recommendations.

    Interested in a sport not offered? Contact or (336) 409-0500.