COVID-19 Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there fitness and recreation opportunities I can participate in remotely?

    Absolutely.  Information about remote fitness, recreation, and other wellbeing opportunities for students, faculty and staff are listed on the Thrive Remotely web page.

  • What group fitness classes will be offered this semester?

    In-person group fitness classes will be held in a few outdoor “studio” locations.  The classes will include yoga, Zumba, Zumba Toning, BodyCombat, BodyPump, CXWORX ( Core training class), Pilates, Bands & BOSU’s 

    In-person classes will also be live streamed for Demon Deacons who would prefer to participate remotely.


  • What will be different about group fitness classes this semester?

    In-person group fitness classes will be held at a few outdoor “studio” locations.  This will provide a safer environment and permit more individuals to participate.

    Participation for in-person classes will be limited to 24 people and participants must pre-register for classes.

    Exercise classes will also be live streamed.  This will permit individuals who can’t or don’t feel comfortable participating in person to do so remotely.


  • How do I register for group fitness classes?

    See group fitness schedule and registration info here.

  • Will faculty, staff and retirees need to purchase a group exercise pass?

    No.  WFU is encouraging faculty and staff to work from home, if they can.  We are also encouraging faculty, staff, and retirees to engage in group exercise remotely.

    If an employee chooses to participate in group exercise classes in person, they must pre-register for classes and will need to have an active Wellbeing Center membership.

  • Will personal & small group training be offered this semester?

    Absolutely!  Personal and small group training is available both in-person and remote virtually …whatever your preference is.  Check out the personal & small group training web page for more information.

  • What will be different between personal & small group training?

    With personal training, a trainer works with you one-on-one.  They are your personal fitness coach designing workout routines to meet your specific fitness and wellbeing goal (i.e., weight management, build strength, overall physical wellbeing, train for a marathon/triathlon, improve in particular sport).  And, like any coach, they are with you to motivate and encourage you throughout your workout and ensure your progress.

    In small group training, instead of a one-on-one experience, the trainer works with a small group of individuals — typically around 6 – 8 people.  The training is focused on a common shared set of specific fitness and wellbeing goals.  And, there is much more personal attention compared to a group exercise class that can have dozens of participants.


  • Will group fitness instructor and personal trainer certification classes be taught this semester?

    ACE Personal Training Prep Course is accepting registration now online.  Group Fitness will also share training opportunities.  However, these have transitioned to how they are being delivered as a hybrid virtual and in-person blend. More information to come on the fitness training web.