The Division of Campus Life

Campus Life at Wake Forest represents a journey that seeks to engage students in experiences that broaden the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the spirit. Opportunities for such experiences abound at Wake Forest. In collaboration with student leaders, the offices of student life aim to enrich the lives of students through meaningful engagement in student organizations, service learning, campus activities, community and civic engagement, recreation, and leadership development.


Preparing students to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Strategic Directions:

  • Lead a comprehensive approach to student and community wellbeing
  • Cultivate an inclusive community where all students feel a sense of belonging and are valued contributing members
  • Prepare students to lead in a diverse environment with cultural fluency
  • Foster a culture of peer engagement, leadership, and accountability
  • Integrate civic engagement and responsibility locally and globally


  • Campus Recreation
  • Chaplain’s Office
  • Dean of Students
  • Learning Assistance Program
  • Residence Life and Housing
  • Student Health Service
  • University Counseling Center
  • University Police
  • Wellbeing