Cycle Studio Policies

Wake Forest University wants users of campus recreation and fitness to have an enjoyable and safe experience.  We ask that you be courteous to others using the studio(s), fitness equipment and services, as well as adhere to outlined policies. Failure to abide by these policies may result in suspension of facility privileges and use.

  • Participant’s will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to schedule class start time
  • Class time listed on the schedule is “START TIME”.
  • Late entry into class is prohibited
  • Disruption to any active class experience from those outside the studio is prohibited
  • Campus Recreation staff will facilitate participant entry access, any other means of access is prohibited
  • All participants must scan their WFU ID verifying membership granting studio access
  • All guests will provide a paid single class receipt upon entry
  • All guests must be accompanied with a WF Wellbeing Center active member at all times
  • Instructor led classes require 3 or more participants
  • Request assistance from the instructor to discover personal bike settings (each bike has micro-adjustments that should be set ensuring safety and comfort for each participant prior to class)
  • Bring a water bottle to class; non glass containers only; studios do not have water fountains
  • Bring a fitness towel for personal use
  • Be courteous of others while participating in any class
  • Turn phones to “Do Not Disturb mode” to avoid disruption and participant experience
  • If for any reason you must leave class before it officially ends, take all belongings with you as re-entry into the studio while class is in session is prohibited
  • Personal belongings will not be stored in any studio
  • Proper use and care of equipment is required by all participants in every studio class
  • After each class,  all participants are responsible for cleaning the bike they used and the surrounding space from all water and sweat.
  • Should any health emergency arise, activate 336-758-5911 for  immediate help

VIRTUAL Cycle participants will follow all studio policies and protocols listed  as well as:

  • Go to WF Campus Recreation website for details on all things VIRTUAL to included required prerequisites:
  • Required prerequisites are led by a Campus Recreation employee
  • Listing of VIRTUAL 101 class prerequisites are found online on the group fitness schedule
  • Entry to VIRTUAL classes will be allowed after completing any listed virtual prerequisite