What to Eat in the Pit Before Your Workout

By: Kristin Knight

What you eat or don’t eat before going to the gym can make or break your workout. It’s important to eat foods that will fuel your body, but to eat just the right amount so ...

Categories: Food

Meet Our Marketing Coordinator

By: Mary Dunlop

Hi! I’m Mary Dunlop, The Marketing Coordinator for the Wake Forest Wellbeing Center! I service multiple wellbeing focused departments by developing and integrating cohesive ...

Categories: People

10 Memes to Get You Through Your Workout

By: Kristin Knight

Do you need a little mid-workout pick-me-up? Or honestly just a good laugh while you’re chilling on the couch? We’ve put together these 10 gems for you. And yes, laughing does ...

Categories: Lifestyle

How to Add Yoga to Your Daily Routine

By: Kristin Knight

Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat or you’re a full on yogi, adding yoga to your daily routine is completely doable! From hour-long classes to quick, personal ...

Categories: Fitness

Meet Our Student Marketing Coordinator

By: Maya Dalton

Hey y’all! My name is Maya Dalton, and I’m a sophomore here at Wake Forest. I’m from Fairmont, West Virginia, and am planning to major in Politics & International Affairs. ...

Categories: People

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