Remote Fitness (COVID-19)

Remote Fitness

Deacs, are you ready for summer?  Your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance.  Join us for some fit-tastic summer classes. The new schedule begins Monday, June 1st with new classes: Grin & BARRE IT, Yin Yoga, Technique Tuesday, Wednesday Walks,  coming your way LIVE on ZOOM and Facebook @ wfucampusrecreation.  Go to Instagram @wfucampusrec  & Facebook @wfucampusrecreation to stay informed.  Our goal is to extend to you our virtual helping hand and keep you moving all summer!

*Disclaimer: Neither Wake Forest University nor its staff will be held responsible for any possible injury that may result due to the nature of virtual training where form, correction, and execution of exercise can not be assessed in person. If you have any preexisting health concerns consult your physician before participating in any exercise. WFU is NOT accountable for any of the following shared content. 

Campus Recreation Offerings

    Virtual Group Fitness LIVE STREAM

  • WFU Instructor LIVE STREAM Offerings

    WF Group Fitness  summer programming will be offered remote/virtually LIVE with Zoom & Facebook @ wfucampusrecreation.

    Find the Group Fitness schedule and unique Zoom link for class below:

    • Click here for the schedule
    • Find your class then click on the word ‘description‘ to locate the URL Zoom link
    • *WFU authentication will be required to complete access (personal email & password)

    How do I join FB LIVE offerings?

    • Click here for the Group Fitness schedule
    • Find your class then click on the word ‘description‘. If it states FBLIVE, go to the wfucampusrecreation FB page at the scheduled time
    • Like the page to stay up to date on all things WFU Campus Recreation!

    FREE Group Fitness Challenge Program

  • FREE 6wk Summer Fitness Program

    FREE 6 wk Summer Fitness Program

    This FREE 6 wk program is all about self discovery while taking a “SMART START” approach to health and fitness.  It’s time to, Do what you love and Love what you do! Each week you will,

    • receive guidance from a trainer
    • utilize a weekly movement calendar
    • track realistic movement, plus more

    Registration begins May 21st – June 4th. Click here 

    Program launches Monday June 8st – Sunday, July 19th.

    Additional Fitness

  • Fitness Tip Friday

    WF Campus Rec certified Personal Training staff has joined efforts to provide all Deac’s with weekly Fit Tips. To access your ‘Fitness Tip Friday’ weekly,

    • Go to Instagram @wfucampusrec
    • Go to Facebook- wfucampusrecreation



  • WOW (Workout of the Week)

    Each Monday, Try a new Workout of the Week (WOW) created by WF Campus Rec certified Personal Training staff.  Where can you find your FREE workout each week?

    • Go to Instagram @wfucampusrec
    • Go to Facebook- wfucampusrecreation



Other Fitness Offerings

    Virtual Instructor Training/Certification

  • Les Mills Instructor Certification

    Discover everything you need to know about how to become an instructor for this world-leading instructor program here. New online Virtual training platforms beginning summer 2020.

    • Still have questions? email:



  • YogaFit Worldwide

    Click here to learn more about Virtual online training that supports RYT 200, RYT 300 and Specialty training needs.

  • BarreAbove

    Join BARREABOVE for LIVE stream certifications, workshops, chats, and Q&A. Click here for more.