OP Trips Philosophy

OP Common Adventurer Philosophy

  • We want OP trips to be safe, fun and memorable.
  • Due to weather and other safety concerns, trip destinations are subject to change.
  • We work hard so that you can have fun, so please come with a happy, cooperative attitude.
  • OP practices strong Leave No Trace ethics. (LNT.org) Pack it in, pack it out!
  • We are open to ideas/suggestions for new OP trips.  After all, they are for students!
  • We are very open to feedback! Let us know how we can serve you better. Be sure to complete the trip satisfaction survey you trip leader will email you after the trip.

Zero Based Budget Philosophy

It is our goal to make trip costs as low as possible. We plan trips on a zero-based budget system and further subsidize trip costs wherever we can. The price of each trip includes transportation, trip leaders, equipment, food, and lodging.


  • The price of your trip includes trip food, gear, transportation, and Trip Leaders.
  • We adjust all trip menu plans according to dietary restrictions.
  • Occasionally, groups will eat out while traveling. These meals are generally not included in the trip cost. Your trip leaders will inform you of any meals not included in the trip price.
  • If trips have additional costs associated with them, participants will be informed ahead of time.