Deacon Family Hours

Deacon Family Hours

We welcome the Wake Forest community to bring their family members to the WF Wellbeing Center during Deacon Family Hours.  Deacon Family Hours provides an opportunity for members of the WFU community and their families to enjoy complimentary access to designated recreational facilities.  

Anyone with an active Wellbeing Center membership may bring their family members to the WF Wellbeing Center during Deacon Family Hours.  Deacon Family Hours are Saturdays 9:00AM – 1:00PM*.

Below are specific facility, access, climbing wall, and aquatics polices for the building and program areas in addition to all building policies as stated.

  • Facility & Access Policies/Procedures
    • Minors are individuals age 17 and under.
    • Access for minors, age 15 and under, is limited to the climbing wall, pool, and basketball courts.  
    • Individuals 16 and over are permitted in the strength and fitness areas, and may use cardio and strength equipment.  Individuals 16-17 must be accompanied by the sponsoring member.
    • Family changing areas are located on the 3rd floor, mezzanine level, and pool locker room areas.  
    • Children ages five or older may not use the opposite gender’s locker room. 


    • Must have an active membership
    • May sponsor up to 4 guests at no cost, one of which may be an adult age 18 and older, the rest minors. Additional adult guests may purchase as guest pass per our guest policy.
    • Must accompany their guests throughout family hours.  All guests must be within the same vicinity of their sponsor at all times.
    • Will check in with their guests at the Welcome Desk and follow standard protocol for guest entry. A “Deacon Family” guest pass will be issued on the sponsoring member account, and guest passes must remain in possession of the guest (or sponsoring member) at all times.
    • Must ensure that issued wristbands are worn by all guests prior to entry into the facility. Wristbands will be distributed along with the Deacon Family pass at Welcome Desk.
    • Members and their guest(s) may at any time be asked by the Wake Forest Wellbeing Center staff to present their valid Deacon Family pass and wristband.
  • Climbing Wall Policies
    • Patrons shall follow all climbing wall policies (listed online and posted at climbing wall)
    • Patrons shall only climb wearing climbing shoes with vibram rubber soles (no street shoes; not all sizes may be available through gear inventory)
    • Patrons shall only climb roped routes after passing a belay test given by the climbing wall staff
    • Patrons shall not climb roped routes without a harness that they are properly fitted for (proper fit may not always be available through gear inventory)
    • Patrons shall not use personal equipment without having it approved by climbing wall staff
    • Minors shall not be left unaccompanied in the climbing wall area
    • Minors shall not climb higher than 6ft from the mat/ground
  • Aquatics – Pool & Spa Policies
    • Patrons must follow all pool policies (listed online, in locker rooms, and pool vestibule)
    • Patrons must follow all diving board policies (listed online and at diving board)
    • Patrons must follow all spa policies (listed online and by the spa)
    • Minors may not be left unaccompanied in the pool area
    • Minors must check in with the lifeguard on duty to complete a swim test before allowed to swim outside of the prescribed family area
      • Swim test – jump in the deep end of the pool, surface, swim the entire length of the pool (25 yards) without touching the side, bottom, or lane lines
    • Minors who do not pass the swim test must remain in the prescribed swim area (3.5-5ft depth), wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket, and be accompanied by an adult in the water
      • Lifejackets are available for children 30-90lbs
    • Infants must wear swim diapers and plastic covering them
    • No flotation devices using air are permitted
    • The use of the diving board is not permitted
    • Note: Pool temp is 82-84 degrees

*When the Wellbeing Center opens with delayed hours, Deacon Family Hours will reflect to the new opening time and still end at 1:00PM.