Looking to try your hand at rock climbing? Outdoor Pursuits has you covered!

Our indoor climbing wall allows new and experienced climbers the chance to try their hand at either top rope climbing or bouldering. We provide climbing shoes, chalk bags, harnesses, and belay devices free of charge. For new climbers, our trained staff is at the wall from 12-10pm every weekday to assist you with learning the ropes (no pun intended).

Top Rope Climbing: our top rope walls feature 10 roped climbing lanes where climbers can step into a harness and work their way up to a height of 25 feet while being belayed by Outdoor Pursuits’ trained staff. With a crack climb, a dihedral, and dozens of ever-changing routes, you’ll never get bored. All top rope routes are open from 2-8pm Monday through Friday.

Bouldering: our bouldering walls feature hundreds of handholds and dozens of fun routes perfect for everyone from total beginners to the most advanced climbers. When bouldering, climbers can climb without a harness up to a height of 13 feet before climbing back down or falling onto the padded surface below. All bouldering routes are open to climbers anytime the facility is open.