Intramural Sports

Welcome to Intramurals!

Here at Wake Forest University, Intramural Sports offers students, faculty, and staff the unique ability to compete, socialize, and have fun playing sports regardless of age, gender, handicap, or skill level.

All of our programs are free of charge to our students and with a membership, faculty and staff can participate too! Activities include flag football, sand volleyball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, field hockey, inner tube water polo, tennis, and much more! Click HERE to see what’s being offered this semester.

The Department of Campus Recreation takes great pride in the fact that students of the university are extensively involved in the management and supervision of our programs. The Intramural Sports Program offers students the opportunity to join a team of  enthusiastic and sports minded individuals that officiate or score-keep several of our major sport programs. If you’re looking for a way to stay involved in a sport you’ve enjoyed growing up and looking to have fun doing it, apply to join the Intramural Sports staff by submitting an application HERE or email us at!

Contact Information:

(e)  |  (p) (336) 409-0500

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between intramural sports and club sports?

    Intramural sports are short-term, recreational activities that allow Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to compete against one another on the Reynolda campus. Club sports are University recognized student-run and student-funded organizations formed by individuals with common interests to participate in a sport activity, typically by competing on a more competitive level against other universities.

  • What's a default?

    If a team notifies the intramural office by email of their inability to field the required number of participants for their game, no later than 3:00PM on the day of the contest, it will be recorded as a default and the game will not be played. If a team has one less than the minimum number of participants required to play signed in at game time or during the grace period, an onsite default will be declared. A default/on-site default is an unplayed game that is recorded as a loss with a sportsmanship rating of a 3 for the defaulting team. Once the default has been requested, it cannot be overturned.

    If a team has been granted a default and the contest is then canceled due to weather or scheduling issues, the default will be removed and the contest will be played normally if it is rescheduled.

    No forfeit fine is charged to the defaulting team if it is their first offense. Two recorded defaults in a season will be assessed a $35 fine and will be removed from the league.

  • What's a forfeit?

    If a team fails to appear for a scheduled game or match by game time, or following the grace periods, a forfeit will be declared.  If a team forfeits a contest, the team will be assessed a $35 forfeit fine and the entire team will be ineligible to participate from intramurals until the fee is paid, the team will be ineligible for postseason competition (teams may petition), and the team may be dropped from the league if there is a waitlist team to replace them.  A team with two forfeits will be automatically dropped from the league.

  • What's a grace period?

    Teams will be granted a 5 minute grace period from the original game time if at least 1 player has checked in at game time. The game clock will start. If the minimum number of players required to start the game are signed in before the grace period has concluded, the game will begin with whatever time is remaining in the game. The game clock continues rolling during this time period. If no players are signed in at game time, there is no grace period and the game will be declared a forfeit.

    OPTIONAL GRACE PERIOD:  After the original grace period has expired, the opposing captain has the option of taking the win or waiting an additional 5 minutes. Clock continues rolling.  In the event the captain decides to wait, the decision is irreversible.  If the minimum number of players required to start are present before the optional grace period has expired, the game will begin.

  • What's the difference between competitive and recreational leagues?

    Here at Wake Forest, we offer participants the opportunity to participate in a wide array of programs. Some programs offer the choice between participating in a recreational league or a competitive league, often referred to as “Black” or “Gold” respectively. The main difference between these leagues is that the competitive league, or “Gold” league,  will participate in a post season tournament where as recreational leagues will not.

  • Can I play on more than one team?

    If a program offers multiple leagues (e.g.; Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, etc.), participant’s may only play on one team in one single gender league (Men’s/Women’s) and on one team in a CoRec league. Participants may not compete on two teams in the same league.

    Participants may not participate in a recreational league and a competitive league in the same sport.

    COVID-19 FAQ

  • What will be different about intramural sports this semester?

    Wake Forest has a proud tradition of having one of the largest collegiate intramural sports programs in the country with almost half of Demon Deacons participating each year.  In order to provide our participants the best experience during this time, safety modifications have been made to most of the offerings which include temporary rule changes, roster size restrictions, frequent equipment sanitation, and more.