Pool Programs

The pool is for more than just lap swimmers! Check out the information below on fun pool programs that don’t involve lap swimming!

Our Programs

  • Key Log Rolling

    Our Key Log Roller is a portable synthetic log that can be set-up in the pool. Key Log Rolling is a worldwide sport, and holds national tournaments annually. The objective of the Key Log is to stand up and roll for as long as possible on the log. The log will be set-up for intramural competitions throughout the semester.

  • Crossnet H2O (Water Volleyball)

    Crossnet is the world’s most engaging four square volleyball game. It features a centrally placed volleyball net set-up in a four-quadrant court. Rules of the sport play very similar to a combination of volleyball and four square. The net will be set-up for intramural competitions throughout the semester.

  • Inner Tube Water Polo

    Water polo, but with tubes! Players, excluding the goalkeepers, are required to float in inflatable inner tubes while playing. Rules are played exactly the same as regular water polo, with the addition of the tube requirement for all players. Inner tube water polo will be advertised in collaboration with the Sports Programs department throughout the semester.

  • Kayak Roll Clinics

    In collaboration with the Outdoor Pursuits department, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to roll a kayak in a safe and controlled environment. These are student-led roll clinics. It’s electric, come try it out!