Group Fitness

Wake Forest Campus Recreation offers three different ways to engage in a Group Fitness class. Discover which offering works best for you. Have any questions? Email

  1. In-Person 
  2. Virtual 
  3. Les Mills On Demand (LMOD- discount offering)

Group Fitness Class Description Assistance

  • In-Person Classes

    In-Person Classes are led by WFU nationally certified instructors who lead movement to great music, modifications to meet you where you are, and motivation to help you reach new fitness goals. In person classes are held inside the Wellbeing Center. Classes require a reservation. Be sure to check out how to make a reservation below.  All classes can be found on the group fitness schedule here. Please arrive early to each class. Times listed are ‘start’ times, not arrival.

  • Virtual Classes

    Virtual class offerings are licensed programs, led by fitness leaders known globally throughout the fitness industry. Virtual classes are located in studio(s) 201 & 251 at the Wellbeing Center. Look for the word ‘Virtual’ to specifically on the group fitness schedule.

  • Les Mills On Demand (LMOD) – Exclusive WFU Offer

    Les Mills On Demand (LMOD) provides Access to 1000+ workouts with ease for all fitness levels in 13 different formats. These Online workouts are easily accessible on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV ready to meet your fitness needs wherever you are!  FREE trial period available. Register here!

    *After the ‘free’ trial period, rates for service will apply. WFU is a licensed affiliate which provides a 33% discount to all WFU community members.

Group Fitness Class Reservation Assistance

  • How to Create a Class Reservation Account Login

    Access the Group Fitness schedule here

    1. Select preferred class 
    2. Click ‘SIGN UP’ located on the right hand side of the class 
    3. Next, select ‘create a login’ 
      1. Enter WFU ID number, first & last name, email, and password
      2. Your account is ready!  For each reservation moving forward, your ID, first and last name, and email will be required
  • How to Make a Class Reservation

    Reservations are created directly from the group fitness schedule posted on the webpage *Prior to making a reservation, you must first create your login credentials. (Step by step instructions provided in the previous above tab

    1. Select class 
    2. Click ‘SIGN UP’ 
    3. Click make a reservation 
    4. Login
    5. Receive an email confirming your reservation 
    6. Should any change occur with your registered class, an email notification will be sent
  • What is Waitlist?

    When all reservation slots are filled the option to wait for a possible opening can occur.  Waitlist participants will be notified as openings arise via email notification.

    Should a reserved participant fail to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class, the reservation is no longer valid.  Waitlist participants will be checked in to attend class in the order in which they registered. 

  • How to Register on the Waitlist

    Select a class of interest from the group fitness schedule here.

    1. Select class 
    2. Click ‘SIGN UP’  
    3. Login
    4. Click make a reservation under Waitlist
    5. You will receive an immediate email confirming your WAITLIST reservation as well as verifying what number you are on the waitlist
    6. An email notification will be sent should an opening become available to attend
  • How to Cancel a Group Fitness Class Reservation
    1. Select the original class the reservation was made from the schedule here
    2. Click ‘sign up’ 
    3. Login 
    4. Click ‘cancel my reservation’ and ‘accept’
    5. Your reservation will be cancelled and the screen will verify you cancelled your class reservation 
  • How to Correct a Reservation Message ‘Enable Cookies’

    Sometimes, whether you have logged in prior or initially creating your login. Recently Chrome was updated; therefore, resulting in updates to computer settings that may need to be adjusted on the user end.

    Go to chrome://flags/then:

    1. search for “cookies”
    2. set the following 3 flags to disabled…
      1. Same Site by default cookies
      2. Enable removing Same Site= None cookies
      3. Cookies without Same site must be secure

    If the above does not fix the issue, please go to the Bridge and see how they might assist.


Check out our Group Fitness Mash-up on January 19, 2023 from 5:30-6:30pm in Sutton Gym 204! Experience a few of our classes in a fun and exciting atmosphere! Sign up through the group fitness schedule! Reservations open 24 hours before the event. See you then!