By: Kristin Knight

Let’s face it, dorm living can often be a little cramped and dull. Luckily, there’s a solution! Plants are a great way to add some life to the space. Unfortunately, the lack of natural light and a limited water supply isn’t the ideal situation for most plants.

Having plants in your living space is actually very important. They not only beautify the room and add a much needed pop of color, but they also have significant health benefits. Many plants purify the air by producing oxygen and absorbing toxins. Plants also work to create a more relaxing ambiance. For many, being surrounded by nature is linked to stress reduction and tension relief. Bringing the outdoors in can have the same effects!

Here are our top picks for the best plants to have in your dorm room.

1. Sansevieria

If the only sunlight in your room comes from a gap in the blinds, fear not! The Sansevieria, more commonly known as the Snake Plant, is tough-as-nails. Coming in all sorts of varieties, this plant will definitely brighten up any sad corners in your room.

2. Rhipsalis

This one looks just about as edgy as it sounds! It is a great plant to hang from the ceiling if you can, but it would also look amazing draped over a bookcase or desk. It doesn’t take much water, and although it might appreciate more sun, the Rhipsalis will take what it can get.

3. Prayer Plant

These plants seriously have the prettiest leaves. They come in all different colors and sizes so there’s truly a prayer plant for every room. The leaves even close up at night as the sun sets and reopen with the sunrise. As enchanting as these plants are, they might not be the best pick for beginners. Prayer Plants require regular watering and moderate to bright sun exposure.

4. Norfolk Island Pine

If you have enough space and want to feel like your dorm is quite literally in the forest, this pine is the perfect option. They look great year round but are also fun to decorate for the holidays. Needing only minimal water and moderate sun, the Norfolk Island Pine is a great choice for any dorm.

5. Bamboo

This plant is especially good at purifying the air and some even say bamboo plants bring good luck! Although it needs regular watering, it enjoys shade or indirect light, making Bamboo an ideal dorm plant.

6. Maidenhair Ferns

Unlike some of the heartier indoor plants, the Maidenhair Fern has dainty, almost whimsical leaves. Ferns thrive in damp and dark forests, so as long as you water them well, they can thrive in your dorm room too.

7. Mint

Just like ferns, mint grows best in moist environments. As long as it gets plenty of water and a little bit of light, it will do great in your dorm room — with the added bonus of being able to give you delicious mint leaves for your tea every day!

8. Spider Plant

This fun and spiky plant would be a perfect addition to your room decor! It does well in small pots and low-light conditions making it a perfect option for beginners.

Bringing the outside in is just one way to make your dorm room a more restful and relaxing space. For more ideas on how to improve your health and wellbeing, visit the Office of Wellbeing website.  


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