By: Kristin Knight

Finals season at Wake Forest is no joke. The stress to do well, on top of the hectic schedule, can cause significant stress in our lives. In order to do our best and stay healthy, it’s important that we take the time to destress. Here are Campus Rec’s top tips to have a successful and (relatively) stress-free end to exams.

1. Have a study snack

Pick a snack that gives you energy but also tastes good. I love getting the POD’s trail mix with almonds, dark chocolate, ginger, and espresso! It’s the perfect amount of healthy, tasty, and energizing to help me get through studying.

2. Watch ONE Netflix Episode

I know it can be hard to stop at just one episode, but a 20-minute sitcom can be a great way to boost your mood. Friends and New Girl are two of my favorite options, but pick whatever makes you laugh! Taking a short break will help you refocus once the episode is over. Be careful not to get sucked into watching the whole season though!

3. Swing

The swings on campus are seriously underrated. I don’t know about you, but being on a swing always makes me feel like a little kid again and that definitely puts a smile on my face. The fresh air and breeze blowing through your hair will reinvigorate your focus in no time!

4. Exercise

Visiting the Reynolds Gym is a great study break. Working out is a perfect way to release all the stress and tension from a long day of studying. Furthermore, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, improving your mood and re-motivating you to hit the books.

5. Pet an animal

So many people on campus have pets–take advantage of that! Playing with a dog on the Upper Quad instantly puts a smile on my face and it’s hard to be stressed when you’re happy.

6. Take a walk on the Reynolda Trails

Get outside and enjoy the North Carolina sunshine! Taking a walk on the Reynold Trails is an enjoyable and relaxing study break. Sometimes a little fresh air is all you need to clear your mind and get inspired!

7. Change your study location

I know we’re all creatures of habit, but sometimes breaking that routine can be super helpful. Reserve a classroom, check out Campus Grounds, or even venture to Wake Downtown. By day five of exams, the ZSR is a less than pleasant study spot.

8. Call a friend

Chances are, your friend is in need of a study break too! Taking 30 minutes to catch up with a friend from home or just check in on a friend from Wake is a great way to relax.

9. Stretch

Yes, people might give you a funny look in the ZSR atrium, but stretching feels SO GOOD after being hunched over your laptop. Reach your arms up in the air, touch your toes, and rotate your head a few time—you’ll be surprised how much better you feel.

10. Prioritize sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for your health! Being well rested will also help you be more productive during the day, so you can get your work done and still have time to relax. Check out our article, 5 Ways to Unwind Before Bed, for more tips on getting a restful sleep.

We hope these tips help you get through exams with as little stress as possible!


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