By: Kristin Knight

Happy first week of class, Demon Deacons! One of my new resolutions for this academic year is to perfect my morning routine. Finding your ideal morning routine could be the difference between hitting the snooze button five times and looking forward to waking up. In fact, finding the routine that works best for you is so important, there’s a book written about it: My Morning Routine. 

First things first: Waking Up

There’s no specific time you have to wake up to be the most productive, but it’s important that you wake up early enough to not feel rushed in the morning. There’s nothing worse than the stress of running late, so be sure to give yourself enough time in the morning. It’s also a good idea to start your day with a mini accomplishment. This can be a task as simple as making your bed which will inspire you to continue completing tasks throughout the day. Admiral William H. McRaven even gave a speech on the importance of these mini accomplishments. 

Fuel your body

If you’re not rushed in the morning, you’ll have time to enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee — we all know the winding line at Starbucks doesn’t make for a peaceful morning! Also, with busy Wake Forest schedules, it’s important to start your morning with nourishment to get you through your day; if you have time, stop by the Pit for a sit-down meal or grab something from Benson to eat on the way to class.

Do something you enjoy

That could be as simple as drinking a cup of tea or hot water with lemon before doing anything else. For true morning people, an intense full-body workout could be the perfect start to your day. No matter what it is, doing something you enjoy every morning helps revitalize and energize you. Personally, I want to start doing 15 minutes of yoga every morning. Similarly, many people enjoy morning meditation, catching up with family and friends, or going for a walk, but figure out what you like best!

Set a schedule and stick with it

If you have an early class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it will be much easier to wake up those days if you wake up at the same time every day. Keeping your routine consistent throughout the week will help create a pattern that’s easy to stick with. The first couple of weeks might seem difficult, but soon you’ll be adjusted to your new routine! 

Go easy on yourself

If you’re having a hard time sticking with your routine, that’s okay! Anything new always takes time to get used to. You could try keeping a wellness journal; documenting how rested you feel, what you enjoy most about your morning routine, and aspirations for the day could also become something you do each morning. If something isn’t working or you just aren’t enjoy it, mix it up! Your morning routine should help increase your productivity throughout the day, so take the time to find what’s right for you — it will be different for everyone!

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