By: Kristin Knight

Do you need a little mid-workout pick-me-up? Or honestly just a good laugh while you’re chilling on the couch? We’ve put together these 10 gems for you. And yes, laughing does count as an ab workout!

1. Now no one can judge when I take a 10 minute break to scroll through Instagram.


2. But if I get lettuce on my Moe’s bowl, it’s healthy, right?

3. Yep, definitely going to need at least a week long break before I ever touch a weight again.

4. Well, I guess I’ll just go then…

5. That’s going to be a hard pass for me, thanks though!

6. Hello darkness my old friend.

7. Personal space people; this isn’t Soul Cycle!

8. Am I doing it right??

9. Too bad it’s impossible to avoid stairs on campus 🤦‍♀️

10. I’m proud of you.


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