By: Kristin Knight

Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat or you’re a full on yogi, adding yoga to your daily routine is completely doable! From hour-long classes to quick, personal sessions, there’s lots of easy ways to make yoga a more consistent part of your life. 

Personal Practice

Practicing yoga doesn’t have to consume a significant amount of time in your day. In fact, it could be 15 minutes or less. Start your morning with an energizing yoga routine, add a few yoga poses to your current workout routine, or practice yoga before bed to get a more restful sleep.  

Group Fitness Classes

If you’re interested in taking a more traditional yoga class, Campus Rec offers several different classes for yogis of all levels. A guided class is the perfect way to find peace and relaxation in the middle of a busy week. Check out the Campus Rec group fitness schedule to learn more about class times and instructors. 

For-Credit Classes

If you’re interested in learning more about yoga and earning an extra hour, consider taking a for-credit yoga class (HES 120C). Rather than just telling you which poses to do, the instructor educates you on the origins of yoga, common beliefs of the practice, and the benefits of practicing yoga. A brief textbook complements the in-class instruction and is by no means academically challenging. I’m taking this pass / fail class this semester and it’s been such a fun addition to my normal course load!

Off-Campus Classes

If the on-campus options don’t fit your schedule, but you’d like a more formal instruction, consider taking a class off-camps. Lotus Yoga Academy is my favorite studio in town; at 525 Vine Street (right next to Wake Downtown), it couldn’t be more conveniently located. I love the Vinyasa class on Sunday evenings, but they offer several classes everyday of the week, so I’d definitely encourage you to discover which practice you like best!

Especially as busy Wake Forest students, it’s important to make time to focus on our breath, our body, and ourselves in general. Even just 15 minutes of yoga is so good for the body and mind.

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