By: Kristin Knight

Are you looking for a new way to workout? Try swimming! There are so many benefits associated with swimming, and in case you haven’t noticed, our aquatics facility is stunning. Learn about all swimming has to offer and how to get started here. 

1. Full-body workout

Unlike many other forms of cardio, swimming uses a wide range of muscles. In addition to toning your whole body, swimming builds both strength and endurance. 

2. Low-impact

If you have injuries or sore joints, swimming is great for your body. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just looking for a low-impact alternative, swimming is much less jarring than other forms of exercise. 

3. Burns calories

As opposed to other types of low-impact workouts, like walking or yoga, swimming burns significantly more calories in the same amount of time. 

4. Improves cardio-vascular health

In addition to working various muscles groups, swimming also works your heart and lungs. According to PubMed Central, swimming has even been shown to help control blood sugar and lower blood pressure

5. Exercise without the sweat

If you’re prone to sweating a lot, swimming could be a good workout for you. Technically, you do still sweat when you swim, it’s just not noticeable in the water!

6. Helps you manage stress

Swimming helps to stretch and relax your muscles. Furthermore, while swimming it’s important to focus on taking deep, smooth breaths. Both of these aspects of swimming help reduce stress.

7. Adds variety to your workouts

If swimming isn’t your go-to, it can be a great way to change up your workout routine and start using new muscles groups. Plus, come nice weather, swimming is a great outdoor activity either at an outdoor pool or even in an ocean or lake. 

8. Our aquatics facility is AMAZING

The 8-lane lap pool complete with a low diving board is the perfect place to break a sweat and have some fun. After you workout, enjoy a relaxing dip in the massive whirlpool.

How to get started

  • Start slow: swimming is very different than other forms of exercise, so don’t expect to be great at it right away.
  • Take swim lessons: If you want to learn more about proper form and different types of strokes, consider taking lessons. Both private lessons and Masters Swim are available at the aquatics center.
  • Set a schedule: Check out the aquatics calendar to start planning your pool workouts!

We hope you consider giving swimming a try!


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