By: Lexie McClure

Hello everyone! My name is Lexie McClure. I am the Events and Activities Coordinator for Campus Recreation. Let me start by telling you about my journey to Wake Forest! I am originally from a small town in Michigan, so I try to take advantage of everything North Carolina has to offer. Prior to joining the Campus Recreation team, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Communication and Event Management. By stepping out of my comfort zone in the Midwest, I got the opportunity to begin my career at Wake Forest University. I immediately knew that Winston-Salem was where I wanted to be.    

My family and friends ask me, “What do you do in a typical day?” Well, there really is not a typical day for me. My schedule varies day-to-day with events, meetings, planning activities, designing, and building relationships within the Wake community. I have a series of roles and responsibilities at Wake Forest. With a handful of leadership roles, I have taken over the responsibility of overseeing our Student Marketing Team for the Wellbeing Center and co-directing our All Sports Summer Camp. I also now implement Wellbeing Wednesday events as well as the Dimensions by the Month for the Office of Wellbeing. Even though having these additional roles within the Wellbeing Center may add more leadership and responsibility to my plate, I enjoy spending time in our living room space, massage chairs, and group fitness classes to rewind and relax after a busy day!

At Wake Forest University, there are many perks with being a part of the community. One of the most rewarding parts of my position as the Events and Activities Coordinator is that by attending the events that I facilitate, I get to see my planning process unfold and see the participants and attendees smiles when they walk through the door. Another rewarding part of my job is not only doing what I love, but also working with the Campus Recreation team. My coworkers within the Campus Recreation department are a diverse group of professional staff members who thrive to make anyone in the Wake Community feel included, comfortable, and inspired to be involved at Wake Forest. 

I am passionate about what I do at Wake Forest University and look forward to the many new adventures to take, people to meet, places to see, and journey to share in the beautiful city of Winston-Salem.


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