By: Kristin Knight 

How are you feeling, Deacs? Increasing cases of Coronavirus, now named COVID-19, are certainly reason enough to be concerned; not to mention, the annual flu and all the other common colds that seem to breed in dorm settings. Check out our tips on how to avoid getting sick, plus what to do if you catch something.


Beat that cold before it even hits you! There are plenty of simple ways to strengthen your immune system. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to get sick.

  • Get plenty of sleep: Your body needs rest to function properly. Without enough sleep, your immune system won’t have the strength it needs to fight off any unwanted germs.
  • Hydrate: Getting enough fluids is another great way to ward off illness. Drinking water throughout the day improves overall health and prevents headaches and sinus problems.
  • Eat your veggies: A nutrient rich diet helps keep you healthy as well. Stop by Forest Greens or Village Juice this week to boost your veggie intake!
  • Take Vitamin C: Stock up on Vitamin C supplements, Emergen-C, or even orange juice. The key is to boost your immune system as much as possible. 


No matter how healthy you are, you don’t want to become an easy target for the nasty germs floating around. Protect yourself!

  • Wash your hands: Seriously, how many times did your parents tell you this? But it’s super important considering all the public surfaces we touch all day. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer with you as well. Whatever you do, don’t touch your nose, mouth, or eyes with dirty hands; that’s one of the easiest ways to catch something.
  • Clean your space: Stock up on Clorox wipes and Lysol spray. Wipe down the surfaces you and your roommates touch most often like door knobs, sink faucets, and your desk.
  • Keep your distance: If your friend is sick, wish them well, maybe drop off some soup outside their door, but otherwise, stay away until they’re feeling better.


Sometimes, even despite meticulous prevention measures, getting sick is unavoidable. Managing your cold effectively will help you get better faster. 

  • Take it easy: Allow yourself to rest. You won’t be productive in class, plus you don’t want to get anyone else sick, so go ahead and skip. Pushing yourself when you don’t feel well will only prolong the duration of your sickness. 
  • Medicate: DayQuil and NyQuil will do wonders, plus you can pick them up at the POD. Treating your symptoms before they get worse will help you feel better faster.
  • Fuel up: Having an appetite for anything can be difficult when you don’t feel well, but try to at least eat some soup or ice cream. Your body needs fuel to fight off the virus. 
  • Communicate: Being sick can be miserable, but letting people know how you’re feeling can help. Ask your friends to bring you food or medication, let your parents know you’re sick, and be proactive about communicating with your professors.
  • Pay attention: If your symptoms are getting worse, it might be time to visit Student Health. A common cold can turn into something nasty if it isn’t treated properly, so make sure you’re paying attention to how you feel and what your body needs. 

Hopefully you can avoid getting sick this semester, but if not, hopefully some of these tips will help you feel better faster. Stay healthy!

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