By: Maddie Boyer

Nowadays, you’re probably spending more time than ever at your desk. With long days in front of a computer, it’s easy to let your posture fall to the wayside. However, did you know that poor posture is affecting more than just your back pain? We’ve compiled a list of ways that your posture can affect your life and ways you can improve it!

Improve Energy Levels

Zoom fatigue may be more than just your eyes and brain; it can actually be attributed to your back! Being slumped over can significantly drain your energy. Since your body and back muscles have to work harder to support your body, you may find yourself more tired than you would otherwise. Try stretching or being mindful of your posture throughout the day! Alternatively, switching positions or working at a standing desk may be a way to give your back a needed break. 

Affect Your Mental Health

Have you ever power posed and felt more confident? Your posture can actually affect your mood and mental state! People who walk or sit in a slouched position often have increased feelings of depression and unhappiness. So, sit up straight and you may feel more attentive, happy, and confident!

Affect Body Functions

Believe it or not, your posture is actually affecting many functions of your body. When you have proper posture, you are preventing your organs from becoming squished and allowing your body to function more normally, from everything from digestion to circulation to breathing.

Help Your Career and Social Life

It’s no secret that body language is important! Good posture makes you appear more inviting and warm, whereas bad posture may indicate that you are uninterested and closed off. Similarly, good posture can translate into a more successful career. By standing tall, you communicate confidence and competence. While certainly this will help you feel more self-assured, it’s not just in your head — your stress hormones will actually decrease and your testosterone levels will increase!

Obviously good posture is important, but how do you actually improve your posture? One easy way is through exercise! Exercises like running or walking can improve bone strength to benefit your posture, and core strength exercises can strengthen back and abdominal muscles to keep your spine straight. Sitting with your electronics and desk at a proper height are also important, easy fixes to improve your posture. Having your electronics on your lap or at an improper height can cause you to slouch down and put pressure on your neck and back. 

Hopefully these tips showcase the importance of good posture in many aspects of life! Stand tall, Deacs!

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