By: Maddie Boyer

Valentine’s Day this year is looking a little different, and in all likelihood you need some extra self-care. No matter your relationship status, spend some time this year showing some love for the most important person in your life: you! We’ve gathered some ideas so you can celebrate the season in a safe, fun way. 

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day

No better way to relax and show yourself some TLC than through some pampering! Run a bubble bath, grab a facemask, light some candles, and unwind. Give your body and your mind the time to rejuvenate that you need.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Who doesn’t love some snail mail? Practice some self-affirmation and write yourself some things you’re proud of and love about yourself. Whether it’s future-oriented or highlighting what you’ve accomplished this past year, make it your own and give yourself some well-deserved words of affirmation. You can even set it aside for next Valentine’s Day and have something for future-you to look forward to!

Eat Like a King

If you’re like me and love to cook, treating yourself to a home cooked meal can be both a relaxing activity and fun way to spoil yourself. Get adventurous and go for a multi-course meal from dinner to dessert, or keep it simple with a delicious pasta dish. If cooking’s not your thing, order your favorite take-out and indulge!

Do Your Favorite Things

Ultimately, you know the best way you feel most loved. If you’re energized by quality time, call someone you love and catch up. If your love language centers more around gift giving, treat yourself to a box of chocolates or a new pair of fuzzy socks. 

Practice Mindfulness

With all the cards and candy, it can be easy to forget the true purpose of Valentine’s Day: love. Show yourself some love by taking some time for yourself, however that’s best spent. Catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read, disconnect from social media, or journal — just take some time to focus wholeheartedly on yourself with no distractions. 

However you celebrate, wishing you a happy, healthy Valentine’s Day filled with self-care!

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