By: Maddie Boyer

There are so many reasons why I’m excited for the weather to be warming up, but one of my favorite things about the arrival of spring is getting back into running! The more mild temperatures of spring are perfect for lacing up your sneakers and getting outside. The only thing better than hitting the pavement? Getting outside with a buddy! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, there are lots of great reasons to run with a partner.

Improved Performance

I ran cross country in high school and would always make the excuse that I preferred to run alone (the truth was, I liked that if I was by myself, no one could see if I stopped to walk…). However, when I was running with my team, my improvement was undeniable. Running with a partner can help set the pace and improve your speed and distance. Having another person can force you to challenge yourself, and together you can set goals that will make you push yourself!


Another great thing about running with a person is having an accountability buddy! Having a running partner can push you to meet your running goals even on days when you’re not feeling up to it. Together you can motivate each other and stay true to your fitness objectives. 


While similar to accountability, having a running partner can help motivate you! Having a partner who sees your progress and can stand by your side means they can cheer you on. Your partner can also help push you when you’re feeling like quitting. Having someone to lift you up and share your victories can hype you up and make running even more fun.

Safe Socializing

Longer runs can get boring quickly, but can also be great for conversation! When running with a partner, you can pass the time more quickly and spend quality time with a friend. Additionally, this is a great, safe activity to spend time with a friend while abiding by COVID guidelines. Grab your mask, stay 6 feet apart, and catch up safely outside while getting your workout in.


No matter where you are, running with a partner can be safer than running alone. The social aspect of it may mean running without headphones, which can increase your awareness of your surroundings. If you’re a trail runner, having another person can also help keep you safe if someone gets hurt or if it gets dark. Having a buddy may make you more comfortable to explore new routes as well!

Overall, the benefits of having a running partner span across many dimensions. Whatever your reason, whether it’s more fun, safer, or better performance, grab a friend and start racking up those miles.

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