By: Bailey Larmore

Looking for something new to listen to as you exercise? Let’s check out some podcasts! We have a well-rounded list of podcasts to motivate you, bring you new information, and distract your mind from how difficult your workout is.

Optimal Living Daily

Listen to experts discuss self-care and mindfulness. These motivational podcasts are typically between 6 and 10 minutes long. This ideal timing gives you a boost of encouragement and allows you to listen to multiple episodes during a workout. If you are new to podcasts, you can weave one into your playlist then go back to listening to songs!


Do you enjoy watching videos or going on your phone while walking on a treadmill? Crime podcasts bring you a hands-free form of entertainment. Phoebe Judge’s podcast will bring a smile to your face if you enjoy watching crime television shows or movies. Tune in for suspense and mystery during interviews with guests involved in robberies, kidnappings, and more. 

The Big Podcast with Shaq

If you’re looking for a funny yet informative podcast, this may be the show for you. Shaquille O’Neal has a recognizable voice and a unique perspective that can put a smile on your face, even when you are working out. 

The Daily

You don’t have to read a newspaper to stay up to date with current events! The Daily from the New York Times brings you news and information that you can easily listen to. These episodes are usually about 20 minutes long and can help you impress your politics professors!

The Forward with Lance Armstrong

While you’re exercising and feeling athletic, you may want to hear from the controversial former bicyclist Lance Armstrong. The episodes are sure to reveal some stories that you haven’t heard before!

We hope you explore some fun podcasts in the near future. Have a great week!

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