By: Bailey Larmore

Have you told all your friends and family that Wake Football is undefeated?! With a record of 4-0, we face off against the University of Louisville this weekend. Let’s cheer loud for our fellow Deacs! Check out some of our pro tips for Wake sports fans.


Sports Calendars

  • Know when and where sports games are happening. It’s an important first step for any sports fan. Here’s a calendar with all of the upcoming sports games (men’s and women’s)!

  • Don’t forget about the club sports! True sports enthusiasts and true friends are showing up to support athletes on our club teams. Click here for the calendar that lists all of the club sporting events. 

Bring Your Gear

  • For sunny weather: Sunscreen is a must-pack item when going to a game or match during the day. Sunglasses will also help you see all the action on the field.
  • For cooler weather: We suggest bringing a jacket along or even a blanket.

Dress for the Occasion

  • Wear some Wake Forest gear! If you have clothes that are Wake colors, you can look like a dedicated fan and show your team spirit.
  • Bring a sign, pom poms, and other accessories!

How to Cope with Missing a Game

  • If you can’t make it in person to a game, check to see if it’s on tv or available to stream. By simply searching on your phone, you can even get live score updates.
  • Follow Wake sports’ social media accounts to see pictures of the action you missed.
  • Plan for the next game! Mark your calendar, notify your friends, and get your cheering voice ready because there are exciting sporting events every week.

Go Deacs!

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