By: Bailey Larmore

Let’s talk about the benefits of stretching! You might not want to take time to stretch before or after your workout, but an easy couple stretches can improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and even reduce stress.

How does stretching affect our bodies?

Stretching can increase blood flow to our muscles, according to Healthline. This leads to less muscle soreness and less recovery time after injuries. By stretching before exercise and getting blood to our muscles, injuries can become less likely. 

How can stretching benefit our minds?

Blood also flows to our brains as we stretch, which can help us think clearer. It’s like the wave of energy felt when we extend our arms in the morning after a good sleep. We release endorphins, and our serotonin levels can increase when we stretch. Both of these hormones have the potential to boost our moods. 

What are the long term benefits?

Stretches to relieve tense muscles can not only help you physically feel better but also alleviate feelings of stress. In the long run, improved flexibility also allows for greater ranges of motion. 

This week, think about incorporating some stretches into your daily routine. It might be a great way to relieve stress from midterm season.

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