By: Bailey Larmore

With holidays approaching and the last day of classes around the corner, we are busy. How can we have any time to “live in the moment?” Let’s take a look at some ways we can be present and smile even when we’re busy.

Construct A Worry-Free Zone for Your Mind

It’s easy to worry about the future or the limited time you have before your next paper is due. If you try not to think about the future, you will have more space in your mind to enjoy the day. Even if it’s only for five minutes, see how you feel when you forget about worrying.

Get Moving

A walk can be uplifting and can redirect your focus away from your busy schedule. It’s great to get out of your dorm room or the library. This can help you see what’s going on around you and focus on the “now.” 

Acknowledge the Little Things

Activate your senses and celebrate the small things that happen during the day. If you want to give it a try, be aware of how you feel when the sunshine hits you. You could also focus on your emotions when you smile or laugh.

Think About Who You Are

Remember that you are not your thoughts. When we are caught up in our thoughts, we can forget to look around and be a part of our communities. Taking a moment for yourself to think about this can put your busy schedule into perspective. 

Being present in the moment can be challenging, so we encourage you to explore the great resources from the Thrive Office and our Wellbeing Coaches.

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