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Preparatory Personal Training Course

Interested in becoming a personal trainer but not sure how to best prepare for it?  This course is for you!  Dual programming with options of attending live in person or  preference to attend course through virtual teaching. With instructional leadership to guide you, this course will prepare you for the ACE-CPT (American Council of Exercise) national certification.  Materials and instruction is guided by ACE university providing practical experience and knowledge needed to become a personal trainer. Registration for Fall 2021 course is now open.

  • Preparatory Personal Training Course

    Learn all aspects of Personal Training with the ACE university program (www.acefitness.org). This course is designed to provide you with the education and practical experience needed to become a personal trainer. It will prepare you to take the American Council on Exercise National Personal Trainer Certification Exam.  You will also be taken through the shadow program that is a pre-requiste for all WFU Personal Training staff hires prior to training clients.

    Topics Covered Include:

    • Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • Principles and Methods of Training
    • Communication Skills
    • Exercise Programming
    • Consultations, Equipment use, Diverse Program Development and Assessments

    Discount code will be provided to assist with purchase of course materials and examination. Sign-up at the WFU Wellbeing Center Welcome Desk. Payment is due at the time of registration. Online registration please visit deaconrec.wfu.edu under Instructional Classification. Following completion of the course, you may be eligible for employment as a personal trainer for the WF Campus Recreation Fitness.

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