One-on-one training is both personalized and tailored. The workout is 100% relationship-based with a focus on your needs and goals. One-on-one training offers accountability, support, and direction to take your health and fitness experience to the next level.


Having a workout buddy helps with motivation, accountability and consistency to fulfilling your fitness commitment. Share the experience with a best friend, co-worker, or spouse and discover the power of teamwork as well as individualized work with our partner training services. Experience a personalized workout specifically created for you AND your partner today!

Deac On Demand

NOW AVAILABLE…Do you need that extra push, direction, or accountability? Maybe you are disciplined with your workouts, but not sure if your workout is best to meet your goals? Deac on Demand offers those services and more. Whether a student abroad, away on a break, or juggling a challenging schedule, our personal training online services offers weekly personalized workouts, check-ins and support no matter the location or reason. We’ll create the workout, you do it and we’ll check back in to see how you are doing and where we can help!