By: Kristin Knight

It’s that time of year when classes are picking up and the mid-semester slump is hitting hard. Just getting enough sleep can be difficult, let alone making time for a workout. However, here are ten great ways to beat the mid-semester slump and finish the semester strong!

1. Get outdoors

Fall weather is perfect for getting outdoors and breaking a sweat! Enjoy the beautiful fall colors on a walk to Reynold Village or go for a run on the Reynolda Trails

2. Make a new schedule

After a few months, it’s probably a good idea to mix up your schedule. Try going to the gym at a totally different time than you’re used to and see how it feels. You may find yourself feeling more energized by working out at the time you normally head to the library.

3. Change your route

If you’re an avid runner, power to you! Running the same loop can get really boring and not being excited about your workout can easily discourage you from going at all. Try a new route or even reverse your current route.

4. Find a new playlist or podcast

If you’ve been listening to the same workout playlist all semester, it may be time for a change. You may even consider listening to a podcast. From comedy to inspiring stories, there’s definitely a podcast out there for everyone.

5. Take a break

Maybe you’re hitting a slump because you’re just burnt out. It’s okay to take a break! Resting for a few days could give you the reprieve you need to hit the gym harder than ever before. 

6. Recruit a workout buddy

Working out with a friend is a great way to recommit to your routine. Check out our last blog to learn just how impactful a workout buddy can be. 

7. Revamp your workout wardrobe 

Maybe I just like shopping too much, but I’m always more excited to go to the gym when I have something new to wear. Plus, treating yourself is a great way to get out of any slump. 

8. Set a goal

Your goal can be as small as a 2-minute plank or as big as running a marathon. No matter what it is, having a specific target to work towards will help inspire you throughout your workout. 

9. Track your progress

Sometimes if feels like you don’t see any results no matter how hard you work, but you’re probably just forgetting how far you’ve come. Keep a fitness journal or use an app that tracks your progress so you can actually visualize all your hard work.

10. Try something new

Doing the same workout day after day isn’t very fun, and it’s probably not very good for you either. Trying something completely new is the perfect way to beat your fitness slump. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to work new muscle groups!


Hopefully these tips will help you finish out the semester stronger than ever!


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