The Best Ways to Breathe While Exercising

By: Bailey Larmore When was the last time you took a deep, relaxing breath? Breathing not only helps our bodies function, but it also helps us feel peaceful. Oftentimes, we can forget to breathe when we exercise and end up feeling winded. Let’s check out […]

5 Exercise Tips from WFU Athletes

By: Bailey Larmore We asked our very own Wake Forest athletes for some fitness tips. They shared their advice about motivation and taking care of themselves in between workouts. Let’s hear from our deacs! 1. Get Up and Go! According to cross country and track […]

Stretching: Good For The Body and The Soul

By: Bailey Larmore Let’s talk about the benefits of stretching! You might not want to take time to stretch before or after your workout, but an easy couple stretches can improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and even reduce stress. How does stretching affect our […]

Podcasts for Your Next Workout

By: Bailey Larmore Looking for something new to listen to as you exercise? Let’s check out some podcasts! We have a well-rounded list of podcasts to motivate you, bring you new information, and distract your mind from how difficult your workout is. Optimal Living Daily […]

Top-Rated Nature Walks and Hikes Near Campus

By: Bailey Larmore The weather in Winston-Salem has been spectacular! One of our favorite ways to take advantage of the clear skies is to get outside and go for a walk. Check out these 5 fun trails near campus. Long Branch Trail This trail runs […]

The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

By: Maddie Boyer Despite running cross country for all four years of high school, I was skeptical how much warm ups and cool down could really benefit you. To me, it seemed like extra running for not a lot of extra reward. Naturally, once I […]

Exercise and Mental Health

By: Maddie Boyer It’s no surprise that exercise is important to your physical health. However, the benefits of exercising also extend to your mental health! While certainly some people are motivated by the appeals of a trim physique or stronger muscles, the positive mental consequences […]

Reasons to Find a Running Buddy

By: Maddie Boyer There are so many reasons why I’m excited for the weather to be warming up, but one of my favorite things about the arrival of spring is getting back into running! The more mild temperatures of spring are perfect for lacing up […]

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