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How to Stay Active During Finals Season: Tips from Personal Trainer Martina Lammel

By: Bailey Larmore

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break, Deacs! This week, I sat down and talked to Martina, one of our personal trainers, to get some tips on how to stay active during finals ...

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The Best Ways to Breathe While Exercising

By: Bailey Larmore

When was the last time you took a deep, relaxing breath? Breathing not only helps our bodies function, but it also helps us feel peaceful. Oftentimes, we can forget to breathe ...

Categories: FitnessMindfulness

5 Exercise Tips from WFU Athletes

By: Bailey Larmore

We asked our very own Wake Forest athletes for some fitness tips. They shared their advice about motivation and taking care of themselves in between workouts. Let’s hear from ...

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Discover New YouTube Workout Videos: Learn to Use Equipment & Make an Exercise Routine

By: Bailey Larmore

Usually when I go to the gym, I don’t know any new exercises, and I repeatedly use the same equipment. Fortunately, videos that suggest pre-planned workout routines can help. ...

Categories: Fitness

Stretching: Good For The Body and The Soul

By: Bailey Larmore

Let’s talk about the benefits of stretching! You might not want to take time to stretch before or after your workout, but an easy couple stretches can improve your athletic ...

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