Virtual Group Fitness

VIRTUAL Group Fitness

Virtual CyclingExpanding fitness options to meet your needs.  WF Campus Recreation is proud to announce studio classes to fit your schedule with VIRTUAL fitness classes.  VIRTUAL provides endless opportunities for you to manage your workout when life gets busy.  Get ready to take your fitness to the BIG SCREEN!

Check out the accordion below for some FAQs about virtual fitness!


  • What is VIRTUAL?

    Simply put, VIRTUAL streams a workout from a projector and plays on a big screen.

  • Why try VIRTUAL?

    Sometimes life gets busy. Attending your favorite live, group-instructor led class may be a challenge as commitments or exams pile up.  Fitting a workout in to relieve stress is important. We understand… No worries! Check out the VIRTUAL class offerings and keep you on track with your personal schedule and fitness goals.

    Note:  VIRTUAL classes are still classes that begin at scheduled times daily; however, due to their nature of not being instructor-led, we are able to offer them more frequently. This is what makes them so flexible with busy schedules!

  • Who can attend VIRTUAL?
    • WFU undergraduates
    • WFU graduates who obtain a WF Wellbeing Center membership
    • WFU F/S who purchase a group fitness pass
  • Which VIRTUAL classes DO NOT require equipment?

    Listen to your body, workout at your level and use gravity as your equipment option. The offerings listed below do not require equipment:

    • BODYCOMBAT (karate, mauy tai, kickbox based class)
    • BODYFLOW (tai chi, yoga, pilates based class)
    • SH’BAM (dance class)
  • Which VIRTUAL classes require equipment? and what is it?

    The offerings listed below do require equipment:

    BODYPUMP (strength training class)

    • 1 barbell
    • weight plates (2 large; 2 medium, 2 small)
    • 2 clips (used to hold plates on the bar)
    • 1 smartbench
    • 2-4 risers placed under the bench for height


    • 1 mat (gray side facing up)
    • 1 smartband
    • 1 large or 1 medium weight plate


    • BodyBike *requiring bike fit assistance w/ staff prior to riding
    • Require tennis shoes OR cycle shoes with SPD clip
    • Request YOU BRING 1 hand towel for personal use
    • Request YOU BRING 1 water bottle for personal use (no other drinks permitted in the studio)


  • Will I receive any instruction prior to a VIRTUAL RPM class?

    Yes.  Prior to the start of class, Fitness Supervisors will assist by providing

    • a quick ‘bike fit’ set up
    • how to adjust the bike settings
    • what to do IF
    • House Rules

    We want you to be successful before, during and after your workout.  We also need you to be safe!  A personal ‘bike-fit’ allows you to setup the bike specific to your leg length, torso length and arm length.


  • Which studios offer VIRTUAL?

    Two studios provide VIRTUAL classes.

    Cycle Studio-B251

    • RPM (cycle) only

    Group Fitness Studio-B201

  • What do I bring to VIRTUAL?

    Bring your ID

    • We ask that you scan your WFU ID upon entry to the studio

    Bring a personal Waterbottle

    • We do not have water in the studios (nor do we allow for any drinks other than water in studios)

    Bring a personal Hand towel

    • Depending on your outlook, participants have been known to “sweat OR glisten
  • How do I enter the studio for VIRTUAL?

    For the Cycle studio, staff will

    • meet you 10 minutes prior to the start of class
    • open the studio allowing entry
    • have you scan in using your Wake ID

    For the Group Fitness studio,

    • you can enter the studio 10 minutes prior to class *Remember, if the class requires equipment, you need to arrive and set up quickly
    • we ask that you use your Wake ID and scan in prior to class

    Periodically throughout the workout, staff might peek in.  No worries, they are merely checking to see all is well.


  • What do I do when the class is finished?

    At the end of class,

    • Return all equipment to it’s proper place
    • Take all belongings with you (as it will be locked after class)

    Fitness Supervisors may request you return all equipment and gather personal belongings before locking the studio.  Help them out, be proactive!

  • What time does VIRTUAL begin?

    Although cinema like with the big screen… we don’t show any movie previews!  The time listed on the group fitness schedule displays is the actual start time.  Arrive 10 minutes prior to class (late entry will not be provided for any cycle class).

    Similar to a movie theater requesting all to refrain from talking, late entry is disruptive to others working out, set up and in their zone. We ask for fitness etiquette and respect of others workout space whether Live class or VIRTUAL.

  • Anything else I need to know?

    Use of studios during VIRTUAL scheduled class times is for just that… a VIRTUAL class experience.  Studio equipment and space is designed for participants to experience VIRTUAL classes only. Anything else would not be permitted resulting in possible facility suspension.