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How to “Live in the Moment” Even When You’re Busy

By: Bailey Larmore

With holidays approaching and the last day of classes around the corner, we are busy. How can we have any time to “live in the moment?” Let’s take a look at some ways we ...

Categories: LifestyleMindfulness

The Best Ways to Breathe While Exercising

By: Bailey Larmore

When was the last time you took a deep, relaxing breath? Breathing not only helps our bodies function, but it also helps us feel peaceful. Oftentimes, we can forget to breathe ...

Categories: FitnessMindfulness

6 Steps for Mindful Eating

By: Bailey Larmore

What is “mindful eating” and why would someone want to do that? This is a strategy to help you fully enjoy your food. Mindful eating involves an increased awareness of how ...

Categories: FoodMindfulness

Journaling and Wellness

By: Maddie Boyer

When it comes to practicing wellness, journaling is one of my absolute favorite activities. With so much happening all around us, journaling is a great way to slow down and ...

Categories: Mindfulness

Practicing Affirmations and Gratitude

By: Maddie Boyer

Of all the ways to practice mindfulness, affirmations and gratitude are some of my favorites. I have gotten into the habit of starting my day with positive affirmations and ...

Categories: Mindfulness

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