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Healthy Sources of Caffeine

By: Bailey Larmore

Looking for some more energy? If you didn’t get a full night’s rest or the cold weather has you feeling dreary, you may find yourself turning to a source of caffeine. ...

Categories: FoodLifestyle

Homemade Desserts: Sweet, Easy Recipes

By: Bailey Larmore

Have you ever wanted a delicious, homemade dessert without the hassle of cooking for hours? Even if you aren’t comfortable in the kitchen, you can make a sweet treat with the ...

Categories: Food

6 Steps for Mindful Eating

By: Bailey Larmore

What is “mindful eating” and why would someone want to do that? This is a strategy to help you fully enjoy your food. Mindful eating involves an increased awareness of how ...

Categories: FoodMindfulness

Recipes to Celebrate the Fall Season!

By: Bailey Larmore

We made it through Fall Break! It’s a great time to enjoy seasonal treats – not just pumpkin bread and pumpkin spiced lattes. Here are some easy and delicious recipes that ...

Categories: Food

The Student Marketing Team’s Favorite Winston-Salem Restaurants

By: Bailey Larmore

Have you explored the Winston-Salem food scene? The Student Marketing Team at the Wellbeing Center has collected a list of their favorite restaurants for you to check out. We ...

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