Healthy Sources of Caffeine

By: Bailey Larmore Looking for some more energy? If you didn’t get a full night’s rest or the cold weather has you feeling dreary, you may find yourself turning to a source of caffeine. Instead of a typical coffee or soda, there are many healthier […]

Homemade Desserts: Sweet, Easy Recipes

By: Bailey Larmore Have you ever wanted a delicious, homemade dessert without the hassle of cooking for hours? Even if you aren’t comfortable in the kitchen, you can make a sweet treat with the help of a recipe to follow. We have some quick and […]

6 Steps for Mindful Eating

By: Bailey Larmore What is “mindful eating” and why would someone want to do that? This is a strategy to help you fully enjoy your food. Mindful eating involves an increased awareness of how a bite of food tastes and how your body feels as […]

Recipes to Celebrate the Fall Season!

By: Bailey Larmore We made it through Fall Break! It’s a great time to enjoy seasonal treats – not just pumpkin bread and pumpkin spiced lattes. Here are some easy and delicious recipes that you can try out. Baked Veggie Chips Great as a snack […]

The Student Marketing Team’s Favorite Winston-Salem Restaurants

By: Bailey Larmore Have you explored the Winston-Salem food scene? The Student Marketing Team at the Wellbeing Center has collected a list of their favorite restaurants for you to check out. We encourage you to try delicious, new foods while supporting local businesses. If you […]

Eating Clean and Green

By: Maddie Boyer Plant-based diets have a number of benefits for you and for the planet. Eating a plant-based diet does not mean having to become a vegetarian or a vegan! If those lifestyles suit you, great, but if they are not for you, you […]

“Healthy” Baking Treats

By: Maddie Boyer Baking is one of my absolute favorite activities. It’s relaxing, it can be social, and you’re creating something (and of course, it’s delicious). If you love to bake and often have treats on hand, spicing up your cooking and adding some nutrition […]

Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

By: Maddie Boyer You’ve heard it a million times: you should drink more water! It is recommended that the average adult drink about 2 liters, or 8 8-ounce glasses, every day. Even if water isn’t your drink of choice, there are so many benefits that […]

The Benefits of Meal Prep

By: Maddie Boyer We’re all too familiar with that dreaded question: what’s for dinner? With our lives as busy as they are, the last thing we want to do sometimes is figure out what to make, let alone make it. Enter meal planning! There are […]

Healthy, Festive Fall Recipes

Winter is coming, Deacs! If you’re anything like me, the cooler weather has me in a serious baking frenzy. Finding the balance between getting your cooking on and still preparing healthy meals can be a difficult line to navigate. Here are some of my favorite […]

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