Healthy Sources of Caffeine

By: Bailey Larmore Looking for some more energy? If you didn’t get a full night’s rest or the cold weather has you feeling dreary, you may find yourself turning to a source of caffeine. Instead of a typical coffee or soda, there are many healthier […]

How to “Live in the Moment” Even When You’re Busy

By: Bailey Larmore With holidays approaching and the last day of classes around the corner, we are busy. How can we have any time to “live in the moment?” Let’s take a look at some ways we can be present and smile even when we’re […]

Establishing a Self-Care Routine for the Semester

By: Bailey Larmore Adjusting to new courses while also making time for friends might make the beginning of the school semester seem hectic. A time set aside for self-care can help! Self-care means paying attention to your physical and mental wellbeing, which promotes less stress. […]

Developing Good Sleep Habits

By: Maddie Boyer One of the most important contributors to our wellbeing is also one of the first we forego when stress kicks in: sleep. Whether it’s staying up late cramming for an exam or anxiety just making you toss and turn, losing sleep can […]

Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

By: Maddie Boyer This time of year, I find myself stepping outside into the beautiful spring air and appreciating being alive on such a gorgeous planet. There’s something about the springtime that just makes you fall in love with the earth all over again. Because […]

Self-Care for Valentine’s Day

By: Maddie Boyer Valentine’s Day this year is looking a little different, and in all likelihood you need some extra self-care. No matter your relationship status, spend some time this year showing some love for the most important person in your life: you! We’ve gathered […]

How Your Posture is Affecting Your Life

By: Maddie Boyer Nowadays, you’re probably spending more time than ever at your desk. With long days in front of a computer, it’s easy to let your posture fall to the wayside. However, did you know that poor posture is affecting more than just your […]

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